The PHIT Method is Pilates. High. Intensity. Training.

We take Pilates up a notch with a variety of effective, fun and challenging class styles for all fitness levels all while keeping you safe and supported with the Pilates principles.

Whether you’re a Pilates veteran, Barre addict or a HIIT junkie, The PHIT Method has an online class to help you reach your fitness goals.
Learn and improve your form with our Pilates Mat and Reset & Realign classes or take your fitness to the next level in a Barre PHIT or Power PHIT class.
Stream dozens of workouts with multiple class styles, lengths and equipment used to get visible results, fast!

“As a shift worker and with my partner working FIFO, the typical class times of a studio just don’t work for me. The PHIT Method solved all of my problems by allowing me to workout on my own schedule (even if it was 1am in the morning!). I love the variety of classes so I can pick a Pilates or Reset & Realign class when I am wanting to tune in with my body or a Power or Barre PHIT class if I want to work up a sweat.”
- Sophie, a shift working midwife with a crazy schedule from Mandurah


BARRE REIMAGINED Barre PHIT is a barre fusion class that combines traditional functional Pilates moves with a serious burn at the barre all while keeping it fresh with sweet props to both assist and challenge your movements. Add our creative and innovative choreography and good tunes and you'll be smiling through the burn and getting longer and stronger in no time. FIND YOUR FORM Focus on the technique that is the essence of The PHIT Method in our Pilates Mat classes. Pilates Mat will not only restore balance in your body with its combination of length and strength but will ensure no muscle is left behind as every muscle is worked, toned and tightened. PILATES GETS INTENSE Power PHIT is a HIIT style class that fuses mobility, cardio, sculpting and power into a series of movements designed to make you SWEAT. Using props and your own body weight, work through a serious of timed intervals that have a specific muscle focus to really find the burn and then bump your heart rate back up with high intensity cardio bursts in between. All with pumping beats in the background to distract you from the burn. DESTRESS & RESTORE Reset & Realign is for when you need to take a step back and look after your body and your mind. Destress, sleep better and reset. Perfect to finish off a PHIT workout. PROGRAMS Take the thinking out of your workout routine with one of our pre-designed programs. From 30 Day PHITness challenges, weekly workout programs, to 5 minute daily fixes, we have a program to suit every need.

One platform, dozens of workouts, world class instructors, all on your schedule.

Variety is the spice of life!
Never get bored and keep your body guessing with our multi-level Barre, Pilates, HIIT, Restorative and Stretch classes that will transform your entire body. Innovative and exciting choreography will keep you challenged, engaged and motivated.
Choose from equipment free classes or take it to the next level and shop The PHIT Kit to take the toning tools with you anywhere.


Be your best by learning from the best.
Our expert team of instructors bring years of experience in Pilates, Barre, Dance, Movement, Mobility & Flexibility to make sure The PHIT Method is not only exclusive, but also the BEST online workout website around.
The PHIT Method online classes mimic the in-class experience with qualified and experienced instructors guiding and cueing you every little step of the way.


There is nothing like a good beat to distract you from the burn!
Say goodbye to ambient background music and hello to the music you love!
The PHIT Method online classes feature the popular music you love, to keep you moving even when you think you've reached your limit. You'll be sweating in seconds in the fast tempo Barre & Power PHIT classes or destress in a chilled Pilates Mat or Reset & Realign class.


PHIT it in anywhere

Stream your workout at home in your living room or on holiday on your TV, mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Add The PHIT Kit to your carry on and you can take the boutique Pilates and Barre studio experience ANYWHERE.

“As a fairly active person, I was worried about my 6 month placement in a rural town that didn’t have many fitness options. The PHIT Method offered the variety I needed when my other options were limited. I love the high intensity Power and Barre PHIT classes to work up a sweat and the good beats in the Barre PHIT classes to push me to my limits every time!”

- Kat, a Doctor working rural

Watch on multiple devices.