Pure Moves’  The PHIT Method is Pilates High Intensity Training.

We take Pilates up a notch with effective, fun and challenging class styles that offer something for everyone to add into their fitness routine, both online and in our boutique studio in Cottesloe, Western Australia.

Whether you’re a Barre addict, Pilates die-hard or a Bootcamp junkie, The PHIT Method has something for you.

Barre / PHIT 

The newest Barre in town

Barre PHIT is a barre fusion class that combines traditional functional Pilates moves with a serious burn at the barre all while keeping it fresh with sweet props to both assist and challenge your movements.

Efficient, effective and fun. Our Barre PHIT classes will deliver results! Using your own bodyweight, small props and weights, our barre workout Barre PHIT, targets the muscles in your arms, abs, butt and thighs giving you a chiselled body, fast.

Get your heart racing with a dynamic cardio warm up, a standing barre series, or sculpt your entire backline at the barre, strengthen your upper body with focused arm movements and finish off with a fun flow on the mat to challenge your core and trunk stabilisers and restore mobility in your spine.

Top it off with good tunes and good vibes and you get the newest barre in town, Pure PHIT.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the exercises can be modified for beginners, but can also be intensified for clients looking for more challenge.

Power / PHIT

Pilates gets INTENSE

Power PHIT is Barre PHIT’s younger and tougher sibling. Experience a high intensity interval style class with the safety and efficiency of the Pilates principles.

This HIIT style class fuses Mobility, Cardio, Sculpting and Power into a series of movements designed to make you SWEAT. Using small props and your own body weight, work through a serious of timed intervals that have a specific muscle focus to really find the burn and then bump your heart rate back up with high intensity cardio bursts in between. All with pumping beats in the background to distract you from the burn.

These focused sculpting intervals combined with cardio blasts will work your body from top to toe and then finish off on a high with a myofascial roll, release and stretch to aid in the best possible recovery.

This class is made for those wanting to amp up their fitness routine with a challenging high intensity style class. Beginners are welcome but we recommend a moderate level of fitness and a healthy, injury free body for this class.

Pilates Mat

The Classic

Pilates Mat uses your own body weight as resistance and focuses on correcting muscle imbalances in the body so that you are lengthening and strengthening in all the right places. Small props are often added for variety and challenge. 

This is a non-impact, full body workout that focuses on core muscles, as well as toning for the legs, butt and arms, and increasing spinal mobility and flexibility.

Reset & Realign

Treat your body

Mobility, flexibility and stability are the focus in these stretch and release focused Pilates Mat classes.
You'll lengthen those tight spots and strengthen the weak spots to make your body feel beautifully balanced in no time. The perfect way to balance out your PHIT workouts.