Frequently Asked Questions

I'm brand new to this. Where should I start?

Welcome! We can't wait to get moving with you. 
If you're brand new to The PHIT Method, we'd recommend starting with our "
Starting Your PHIT Journey" program that will set you up with the knowledge and tools to get stuck into all of our class styles.

If you're also brand new to Pilates, start with just our Pilates Mat and Reset & Realign classes to familiarise yourself with the movements and principles and then when you're feeling up for a challenge, you can start our Barre PHIT and Power PHIT classes.

You can now also filter our entire catalog by the "Level" you are looking for - Beginner-friendly, Progressive or Challenging.

How do I know what "Level" of class is right for me?

While all of our classes can be modified and taken at your own pace, if you're a bit unsure of what might suit you best, have a read below.

Beginner-friendly classes are suitable for all levels, with no experience necessary. These classes are slower paced and have a stronger focus on technique so even if you're a veteran, its good to check in with these every now and again.

Progressive classes are open to all levels but will be slightly faster paced than our Beginner-friendly classes. Our expert instructors will still coach you through the technique of the exercises and offer modifications so you can choose what level to take but will make sure you feel well worked at the end of the workout.

Challenging classes are for those who are really looking to improve their fitness levels. These are mostly our Barre PHIT and Power PHIT classes that offer a great cardio and strength challenge to add to your Pilates routine.

What does P.H.I.T. stand for?

PHIT standings for Pilates High Intensity Training. We wanted to fill the gap in our regular Pilates routine with something that offered a little bit more cardio and strength. The PHIT Method was born. We wanted to offer a way to increase the intensity whilst still working safely and effectively using the Pilates principles.

What are the conditions of signing up?

All subscriptions allow full access to The PHIT Method online. No contracts or commitments beyond your initial month, 6 month or 12 month period, & you can cancel at any time.
PLUS, get your first 7 days FREE!
Monthly, 6 monthly or yearly fee is automatically charged unless cancelled at least 5 days prior to the end of your free trial or initial contract period.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can! Just be sure to cancel at least 5 days prior to your next billing period to allow time for processing.
Please note that we cannot offer partial refunds for unused periods.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to see you go :( 
To cancel your subscription, head to your "My Account" when logged in then navigate to "Billing" and then "Change Plan". Then select "Cancel Membership" to end your subscription.
You will still have access to the full catalog until your current payment expires.

How do I get a PHIT Kit?

You'll definitely want all the gear to get the most out of our workouts! 
Just head to our Online Store and then 
The PHIT Kit tab and follow the prompts. 
Be sure to double check your address is correct on your account so it gets sent to the correct location.


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